The online registration system is available, but due to the deadlines, accommodation can only be booked depending on the hotel’s capacity.

Your registration will be final and valid when the fee is transferred to the bank account of the organizing office.

You can cancel your accommodation until 18 July 2022, and your registration can be cancelled until 18 July 2022 free of charge.
In case of cancellation after the above date, the fees for the services ordered must be paid in full (due to contracts with penalty clauses), regardless of whether the fees have been paid by then or not.
Not paying the invoice does not mean cancellation.

For modifications and special requests related to registration and accommodation reservations, please use the e-mail address.

Deadline for registration:  18 July 2022


Room for one person in a double room: 133 EUROS/PERSON/DAY

Room for two people in a double room: 105 EUROS/PERSON/DAY

The accommodation fee includes (daily price):

  • registration fee for 1 day
  • the room for 1 night
  • breakfast for 1 day
  • dinner for 1 night
  • coffee breaks
  • fees of the scientific programme
  • boat tour on Lake Tisza
  • field trip to the Giant Freshwater Aquarium of Hungary (Lake Tisza Ecocentrum)
  • excursion to Eger: sightseeing, wine tasting and dinner in the Gál Winery

Please note that the registration fees are indicated in EURO and include VAT.

The accommodation fee is itemized on the invoice as follows:

1. Accomodation fee, with the following note on the invoice;
Accommodation contain breakfast and dinner. Amount of the dinner is gross 17 EUR/night.

2. Tourist tax

3. Registration fee, with the following note on the invoice;
Registration fee contain certain benefits that do not qualify as fringe benefits, therefore – if registration is funded by a company/foundation/institution – the payer of the invoice is liable to taxation. The benefit, amounts to gross 17 EUR/day.

Invoices are issued in EURO and the official exchange rate of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) in effect on the date of the invoice is used.

If you wish your invoice to be issued in Hungarian Forints, please contact us:
Krisztina Oroszné Horváth

The current exchange rate is available by clicking on the following link:

Tax rules for hungarian participants:
The accommodation fees include certain elements that are not considered under Hungarian provisions of law as non-wage benefits, after which the economic operator who is the payer of the invoice is required to pay taxes.
As long as you wish to pay the costs as an individual, you are not liable to pay taxes.

Tax rules for foreign participants:
Tax rules are determined by the tax laws of their own country.